Air Blower Type (CKU Series)

Air blower type that creates a ventilation-like airflow for extracting airborne particles. Suitable for clean rooms (complies with cleanliness classes 100,000 to 10,000).


Example: Static elimination on PCB surface

Compact, high-performance

  • We have developed the inner part of the fan motor and its control to realize the company’s vision of “compact high performance”. Compared to competing products, our product has a 50% volume ratio, and is a successful example of miniaturization of high demand devices in recent years. Operating efficiency is the same at 50 or 60Hz.

24 hours continuous operation possible.

Operating Principle and Features of the CKU Series
Model Primary filter Secondery filter Exhaust filter
CKU-080AT3-HC-CE FB-25 CHF-2525-50 CHF-2525-50
CKU-240AT3-HC-CE FB-30 CHF-3030-50 CHF-3030-50
CKU-450AT3-HC-CE FB-700-22 CHF-3535-70 CHF-3535-70
List of applications
Static elimination; removal of dirt on mobile phone surface prior to packing Removal of dust on container Static elimination; removal of dust from electric components Removal of powder from precision machining of precious metals

Control Panel / Remote Control Feature Included
  • Remote cable enables remote operation of peripheral equipment.

  • Operation ON/OFF.

  • Change capacity level (air volume) etc.





Model CKU-080AT3-HC-CE CKU-240AT3-HC-CE CKU-450AT3-HC-CE
Motor rated output 50 W 250 W 500 W
Voltage/phase 220 to 230 V/phase 220 to 230 V/phase 220 to 230 V/phase
Compatibility CE yes yes yes
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Rated current 1.4 A 2.6 A 5.5 A
Maximum air flow 2.9 m3/min. 4.6 m3/min. 7.0 m3/min.
Maximum static pressure 2.5 kPa 2.4 kPa 2.9 kPa
Noise level 54-58 dB 52-60 dB 58-73 dB
Suction port (hose size) φ65×1 φ75×1 φ100×1
Weight 10.3 kg 16.4 kg 29.0 kg
Dimensions (mm) 385 × 290 × 276 422 × 340 × 328 472 × 400 × 399