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HSK-5008L e-scope

■Portable, non-contact electrostatic image

■Monitor visualized ESD in real time

■Light and easy

Eight sensors inspects electrostatic charge on all products for example PCB and film. Additionally monitoring production lines and workers will bring safety production



ex> Measure PCB's electrostatic charge

LED display show electrostatic distribution in the moment

.( Positive : Red / Negative : Green / Gradation : amount of charge  )


Measurement accuracy:Max.5kv,±10%(Measurement distance:30mm)

Measurement accuracy:Max.2kv,±10%(Measurement distance:10mm)

PC connection

By connecting PC and software, the charge distribution can be measured in real time at set intervals and digitized graphically.

Value mode

Graph mode

HSK-5008L Demo video


Type HSK-5008L
OS Windows10
Compatibility CE
Dimension(mm) H280×W47×D70
Weight approx.160g