The smallest in the world

Industrial borescopes having an outer

diameter of 0.95mm or 1.8mm. Inspection is possible even in small

holes that could not be inserted with conventional products.

Any scratches, spots of dirt and small holes can’t escape.



LED mounted (with light control function)

While the tip diameter is only 0.95 mm.


The tip of this product is equipped with an LED to illuminate the inside of the work.


The light control function of the LED allows you to change the appearance according to the material of the work and the reflection brightness.

Easy to connect

Easy to use via USB connection to your PC or Android smart phone . Both Borescope and Interface are very small and easy to carry. The power required for the Borescope is supplied using USB bus power. You do not have to prepare power for the Borescope.

φ0.95 φ0.18
Model No HNL-0.95CAM120 HNL-0.18CAM120
Diameter 0.95mm 0.18mm
Depth of field 3~30mm 3~50mm
Angle of view 120°
Light source LED
Waterproof property Drip proof
Temperature resistance 0~50℃
Sensor CMOS image sensor
Effective pixels 400×400 equivalent
Effective insertion length standard:45mm max:200mm 1m
Material Ni pipe PVC cable
standard:45mm max:200mm
USB Interface
Model No. HKT-USB type 1H α HKT-USB type 1H
Supported OS Windows 7/8/10
Input HNL-0.95CAM120 HNL-0.18CAM120
Output interface USB 2.0
Power unit USB bus power
Unit dimension 122×45×23mm
Weight 100g
Accessories USB cable(1.5m)