Air Blower Type for Laser Marking and Soldering

Dust collector for laser marking equipment and soldering with relatively short operating time. Suitable for dust collection with low viscosity fumes, such as metal and glass.


Example: Removal of dust fumes from laser marker

Compact, high-performance

  • Standard remote operation possible.

  • Operating capability can be adjusted according to 7 levels.

  • Suction pressure, pressure differental, exhaust pressure and external pressure can be checked numerically.
Operating Principle and Features of the CKU Series
Model Primary filter Secondery filter Tertiary filter
CKU-060AT3-ACC CHF-2222-40 ACC-2525-75ST CHF-2525-50
List of Applications
Removal of dust when marking SS Removal of dust when marking bearings Removal of dust when marking bearings Removal of dust when marking brake drums

Control Panel / Remote Control Feature Included
  • Remote cable enables remote operation of peripheral equipment.

  • Operation ON/OFF.

  • Change capacity level (air volume) etc.

Model CKU-060AT3-ACC
Output 30 W
Voltage/phase 100 V/Phase
Compatibility 200-240 V yes
Compatibility CE yes
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated current 1.4 A
Maximum air flow 2.8 m3/min.
Maximum static pressure 2.5 kPa
Noise level 53-61dB
Suction port (hose size) φ65×1
Weight 18.0 kg
Dimensions (mm) 270 × 281 × 517