Enhanced Imaging Mechanism

High Resolving Fluoroscopic images

The NXI-2000-A equips high power X-ray source and high throughput & high resolving FPD to obtain high resolving reproducible images. This brings further precise automated inspection as well as analysis purpose.

Our Conventional Modell


High Magnification Ratio

The magnification ratio can be configured from x2 up to x20 - Suport overall checking to detailed observation. The optional oblique capturing mechanism also supports the magnification ratio from x2 up to x5, enabling you to observe the solder bump connecting state in detail.

Vertical View

Oblique View (Option)

Advanced Auto-Inspection Feature

Solder Bump & Solder Wetting Automating Inspection

The NXI-2000-A precisely detects minimum dia. 12 µm void happened in solder bumps. Our proprietary algorithm removes the effect on detection rate derived from the void positional variation. In addition to the void detection, several defects including bridging, missing etc. can also be automatically inspected.

Furthermore, voids occured in solder fillet of leaded components and in heat sink pad of QFPs and transistor can also be included as a target of the automated inspection.

Proprietary Void Detection Algorythm

Using our proprietary void detection algorithm, the NXI-2000-A estimates the normal solder form from the captured image, and subtracts bump elements from the estimated normal solder form to detect bumps. This process removes the effect of brightness change derived from the change in the form of solder connection, and voids happened at any position can be precisely detected.

General Void Detection Method

NXI-2000-A's Void Detection Method

Visual Check System (Option)

You can perform visual check against the result and images optained through the automated inspection process by comparing with the pre-registered sample image. In addition, the inspection result data can be linked to ID information for traceability improvement, which enables you to smoothly search the inspection result using optional barcode reader.

Full-Ranged Analysis Aid Tools

Various Useful Tool to Powerfully Support Analysis Operation

You can observe the target object in detail by utilizing the fluoroscopic images obtained in this system. The NXI-2000-A offers various items which are useful at research and prototyping phase, including accurate lenght measurement and quantitative measurement based on the calibration plate.

1D Profile Drawing

2D Profile Drawing

Image Processing

Length Measurement

Flow Rate Measurement

Precise Thickness Measurement

The NXI-2000-A equips a calibration plate containing thickness-brightness information. By using the calibration plate, the system converts brightness information obtained from the detector to thickness information. As a result of this conversion process, the obtained image is converted to the information close to the human sense, and the system can accurately measure thickness, volume and area of solder bump. In addition, this conversion process removes the effect of aging variation happenend in the X-ray source and detector, and is effective for numerical trend analysis.

Further Improved Usability

Wide Opening Space and Wide Inspection Table in a Compact Body

Oblique Capturing Mechanism (Option)

Whole range of board can be observed even when the mechanism tilted at 60 degrees.

Rotation Manipulator (Option)

Rotated 360 degrees (CW, CCW).

High Throughput Inline Model also Available

The optimized inspection engine enables high speed inline auto-inspection; 20 sec/10 FOVs.

X-ray Inspector®


Front View

Side View

Rear View

Inspection specification NXI-2000-A
Work size W25 x L30 - W390 x L250 mm *1
Inspectable area W350 x L250 mm *2
Work thickness max. 3 mm
Work weight max. 5 kg
Work clearance Top: 140 mm / Bottom: 3 mm
Auto-insp. coverage Solder form, void, foreign matter, part missing, bridging, misalignment, tilt, excess solder, insufficient solder, no solder
System specification  
X-ray source Micro focus reflective closed tube / Tube voltage: 40-90 kV / Tube current: 0-100 µA / Focal spot size: 7 µm
X-ray detector FPD 128 mega pixel /Spacial resolution: 2.5-25 µm
Supply air pressure Not required
Power voltage AC 200-240 V single phase 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 3.5 kVA or less
Environmental Req. 10-35 °C / 35-80 % RH (non-condensing)
X-ray leakage dose 0.5 µSv/h or less
Footprint & Weight W1,200 x D1,230 x H1,380 mm / 1,200 kg

*1 W470 x L430 mm when carbon plate is used / *2 W350 x L300 mm when carbon jig is used.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
X-RAY INSPECTOR® is a registered trademark of NAGOYA ELECTRIC WORKS CO., LTD.