Circulation type (CSC Series)

Our Circulation type CSC series has both of suction and air blow in one unit and doesn't require supplying compressed air from factory. It brings not only saving space but also saving cost. Our CSC series is possible to set suction pressure and exhaust pressure freely, that realizes the ideal combination with dry cleaning nozzle especially for winding process of battery manufacturing.



1. suction and air blow in one device without supplying compressed air


2. two HEPA filters on both suction and air blow sides correct 99.97% of 0.3 μm fine particles.


3. cooling motor by air


24 hours continuous operation possible.

TP control panel

CSC series has a flexible touch screen control panel. it allows to set at max. 7 individuall PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) values. This precise adjustoment of suction/exhaust pressure is ideal especially for a combination with dry cleaning nozzles. 

CSC series is compatible with remote operation by connectiong a remote cable.


Filter specification

ModelPrimary filterExhaust filterBlower cooling filter
CSC-1200TPHEP-2525-50-X HEP-2525-50 CHF-2525-13

Application Examples

winding process


Technical Data

Motor rated output1200W1200W1200W x 2
Voltage200 to 230 V200 to 230 V220 to 230 V/Phase
Current value15.0 A15.0 A30 A
Frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Max. air blow3.0 m3/min.3.9 m3/min.7.4 m3/min.
Max. suction static pressure12.4 kPa22,0 kPa20.0 kPa
Noise value69–72 dB71–73.5 dB72–75 dB
Sunction / Exhaust port(hose) size50A socket x 2d63 x 2d75 x 2
Weight32.0 kg46.0 kg61.0 kg
Dimension (L×B×H, mm)366.5 × 358 × 625447 × 460 × 785513 × 511 × 785