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WV-1806s-200(Setting free Desktop Type)

New Generation Inspector

With the Mesh Matching Method,
the WV-1806s-200 realizes
easy inspection settings with no specialized skills.

Inspection quality & speed are not governed by complexity for process such as after molding, assembly work, before packing etc.

Simple Inspection System

Original "Mesh Matching Method"

WingVision Demonstration Video

It is easy to use and operate. Everybody can use Mesh matching method.


Various Applications

Cast your request into shape.

Wing Vision applications are uneffected by the complexity of objects.

Development capability for applications is also our strength.


Application Examples

DIP switch direction Connector pin + mold Insert surface chipping/firing

Metal surface scratch / dirt Inspection before product packing Molded burr / shortage inspection

Model WV-1806S-200E
Target Mold burr, chipping, scratch dimensional error, sharp defects, surface unevenness, wrinkles etc.
Assembly missing item, incorrect componemt, reverse attachment, color difference, inclination etc.
Other LED lighting brightness / color tone failure, LCD panel pixel defect etc.
Imaging Range max. 200 mm × 150 mm (in case of the standard lens)
Optical Camera 18 mega pixel USB 3.0 CMOS camera
Lens Focal length 6 mm F1.8, resolution 5 mega pixel
Optical Resolution approx. 4-100 µm/pixel (variable according to lens / distance between workpieces)
Inspection Time 3-10 sec. (variable according to area and mesh size)
Power Supply AC 100V 50/60Hz (J), DC 24V, 28 W max. (EU)
Operation Temperature Range 5-40 °C
Options Hardware machine size, illumination, number of cameras, focal length etc.
Software bar code module, OCR module etc.
Machine Size W 360 mm × D 300 mm × H 420 mm (without monitor)
Machine Weight approx. 13 kg