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WV-1406Q330E (Setting free Desktop Type)

New Generation Inspector

With the Mesh Matching Method,

WV-1406-330E realizes

Easy and reliable setting with no specialized skills ensures accurate inspection to any number of components on the board.

Simple Inspection System

Original “Mesh Matching Method”

WingVision Demonstration Video

It is easy to use and operate. Everybody can use Mesh matching method.


Various Applications

Cast your thought into shape

Wingvision applications isn't effected by object's complexity.

Development capability for applicaition is also our strength

Moisture proof coating Color bar barcode Hand soldering

Operation Videos

WingVision Demonstration Video

Any teaching including debugging, can be finished within 1hour.


WingVision Demonstration Video

Just 3step to start your inspection immediately.


Model WV-1806Q-330E
PCB size 50 mm (X) × 50 mm (Y) - 330 mm (X) × 250 mm (Y)
Thickness of board: 0.4 mm - 3.0 mm
Minimum inspectable component size  0.6 mm (X) × 0.3 mm (Y)
Maximum inspectable chip height 20 mm
Camera and Lens 8 Megapixel USB 3.0 CMOS 4 camera
6 mm Focal length 5 Megapixel resolution lens
Detection target stortage, direction, misregistration, upside-down, solder ball, bridge etc.
Inspection time 5-20 seconds (variable according to area)
Optical resolution 37 μm/pixel
Power Supply AC 100V 50/60Hz (J), DC 24 V 42 W max. (EU)
Machine size width 500mm × depth 380 mm × height 380 mm (without monitor)
Machine weight 21 kg