CBA series ( Laser clean dust collector type )

Suction power will not decrease during extended use, even if used, for example, for sunction of highly viscous fumes caused by laser marking, which typically cause filter clogging.


ex> Removal of dust during headlight production

Casette type deodorizing filter

【Patent and utility model acquired】

Uses a casette filter incorporating zeplite( combined filter and fume adsorbent substance ). Zeolite is scattered by sucked in air and instantaneously laminated onto the filter surface, to ensure adhesion of fumes to the filter surface.

Dust collecting mechanism and features of the CBA Series
Model Primary filter Secondery filter Exhausted filter Activated carbon filter ※Activated carbon amount approx.3kg
CBA-1000AT3-HC-DSA-V1 CDF-3535-120-ZEO CHF-2530-50 HEP-3220-69 ACC-3220-100
List of applications
Removal of dust manually marking duracon Removal of dust when laser processing bearings Removal of dust when marking resin connector Removal of dust when from silicon isolator

Control panel / Remote control feature

■Remote cable enables remote operation of peripheral equipment. 

●Operation ON/OFF

●Change capacity level( air volume ) etc

Type CBA-1000AT3-HC-DSA-V1
Output 500W
Voltage/phase 100V phase
Compatibility 200-240V
Compatibility CE
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated current 7.8A
Maximum air flow 3.2㎥/min
Maximum static pressure 9.3-9.5kPa
Noise※ 54-59dB
Suction port (hose size) Ф75×1
Weight 32.5kg
Dimension(mm) 405×386×512