CBA series ( Compact high pressure type )

A high pressure model that sucks up adhering fine dust like vacuum cleaner. Suitable for Clean Room(Complies with cleanliness class 100,000 to 10,000).

This is suitable for removing adhering dust with a small diameter tube or slit nozzle


ex> Removal of dust with a brush cleaner

Compact, high-performance

  • By using a brushless motor, we have created a product with a high suction static pressure(maximum 13.5 kpa). This is suitable for sucking in adhering dust using a fine tube or slit nozzle take advantage of high suction pressure. Operating effciency is the same at 50Hz or 60Hz. The product's compact design ensures that this product meets the latest miniaturization requirements and demands of our customers. This is the product that most embodies our concept of "compact high performance"

24 hours continuous operation posssible

Dust collecting mechanism and features of the CBA Series
Model Primary filter Secondery filter Exhaust filter Filter for motor cooling
CBA-080AT3-HC FB-25 CHF-2525-50 CHF-2525-50 -
CBA-500AT3-HC FB-30 CHF-3030-50 CHF-3030-50 -
CBA-1200AT3-HC-V1 FB-30 CHF-3030-5 HEP-3030-69 HEP-1293-33
CBA-2000AT3-HC-V1 FB-700-22 CHF-3535-70 HEP-3535-69 -
List of applications
Static elimination; removal of dirt and dust from film surface Removal of dust from film cross-section Removal by adhesion of dust powder created when compression molding Removal dust with a thin tube

Control panel / Remote control feature

■Remote cable enables remote operation of peripheral equipment. 

●Operation ON/OFF

●Change capacity level( air volume ) etc

Type CBA-080AT3-HI CBA-500AT3-HI CBA-1200AT3-HI-V1 CBA-2000AT3-HI-V1
Output 450W 500W 1200W 1200W
Voltage/phase 100V phase 100V phase 200V phase 200V phase
Compatibility 200-240V standard standard
Compatibility CE
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Standard current 6.9A 7.9A 9.5A 9.5A
Maximum air flow 2.2㎥/min 3.2㎥/min 5.5㎥/min 6.0㎥/min
Maximum static pressure 9.1kPa 9.3-9.5kPa 13.5kPa 9.6kPa
Noise※ 57-70dB 61-73dB 60-77dB 67-70dB
"Suction port(hose size)" Ф65×1 Ф75×1 Ф75×1 Ф100×1
Weight 10.0kg 18.4kg 26.7kg 31.0kg
Dimension(mm) 335×290×278 452×340×328 537×340×351 472×400×399