CKU series ( Compact low pressure type )

Air Blower Type that creates a ventilation-like airflow for extracting airborne particles. Suitable for Clean Room(Complies with cleanliness class 100,000 to 10,000).


ex> Static elimination on surface of PCB

Compact, high-performance

  • We have dedeveloped the inner part of the fan motor and its control to realize the company's vision of "compact high performance" Comapred to competing products, our product has a 50% volume ratio, and is a successful example of miniaturization of high demand devices in recent years. Operating efficiency is the same at 50Hz/60Hz

24 hours continuous operation posssible

Dust collecting mechanism and features of the CKU Series
Model Primary filter Secondery filter Exhaust filter
CKU-080AT3-HC FB-25 CHF-2525-50 CHF-2525-50
CKU-240AT3-HC FB-30 CHF-3030-50 CHF-3030-50
CKU-450AT3-HC FB-700-22 CHF-3535-70 CHF-3535-70
List of applications
Static elimination; removal of dirt on mobile phone surface prior to packing Removal of dust on container Static elimination; removal of dust from electric components Removal of powder from precision machining of precious metals

Control panel / Remote control feature

■Remote cable enables remote operation of peripheral equipment. 

●Operation ON/OFF

●Change capacity level( air volume ) etc

Type CKU-080AT3-HC CKU-240AT3-HC CKU-450AT3-HC
Output 300W 250W 500W
Voltage/phase 100V phase 100V phase 100V phase
Compatibility 200-240V
Compatibility CE
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Rated current 2.4A 5.3A 9.8A
Maximum air flow 2.9㎥/min 4.6㎥/min 7.0㎥/min
Maximum static pressure 2.5kPa 2.4kPa 2.9kPa
Noise level 54-58dB 52-60dB 58-73dB
"Suction port(hose size)" Ф65×1 Ф75×1 Ф100×1
Weight 10.3kg 16.4kg 30.0kg
Dimension(mm) 385×290×278 422×340×328 472×400×399