Q1 What is “color difference”? 

A. Color difference refers to the quantified difference in color observed on the surface of a material. The bigger the figure is, the bigger the difference there is in color. The color distance metric ⊿E*ab, which denotes a difference between two points within a 3-dimensional CIELAB color space, is useful for quantifying the degree of color change. *Note: No unit is used for ⊿E*ab.

Q2 How can color difference be measured?

A. Support tool referred to as a colorimeter, color meter, or color difference meter that is generally used for color management in printing or painting can be used to measure color difference.

Q3 Is a color meter essential?

A. Visual inspection can be easily carried out by creating a distribution figure for relative evaluation or a boundary color sample.

Q4 Is any specific color meter required?

A. As long as it has the capacity to measure colors based on the CIELAB metric (⊿E*ab), any color meter on the market can be used for our products. The one exception is PLAZMARK™ Wafer Type, as there is a color meter specifically designed for Wafer Type that can provide measurements without requiring contact.