Q1 What is the pressure range under which each PLAZMARK™ product can work?



○ Usable
△ Usable, but vacuuming may take longer than usual.
× Not recommended

Q2 Under what electrical discharge frequencies can PLAZMARK™ be used? 

A. Under any electrical discharge mechanism or frequency PLAZMARK™ can be used, as long as the radicals or ions can reach the indicator.

Q3 What are PLAZMARK™’s operating temperature limits?

A. PLAZMARK™ for O₂ Cleaning/Ar Cleaning and PLAZMARK™ for Atmospheric Plasma offer heat-resistance of up to 100℃; Heat-resistant Label Type is resistant up to 200℃; and for Wafer Type Ceramics the maximum heat resistance is 400℃.

Q4 What are PLAZMARK™’s measurement range capabilities?

A. When it comes to plasma processing, numerous different kinds of equipment and types of gas are in use. Furthermore, the color of the indicator will change based on both the density of the radicals or ions present and the duration of the plasma process. As the range of color change depends on each users’ actual usage conditions, it is difficult to define the measurable range. We can consider free sample to test before your purchase.

Q5 Can PLAZMARK™ be used for gases not specified on your web page/catalogue? 

A. The gases introduced on our web page or in our catalogue are the types for which we have previously confirmed color changes. All customers are requested to test by using our free samples before purchase, as PLAZMARK™ may also react to other gases.

Q6 Can PLAZMARK™ be used for mixed gases?

A. PLAZMARK™ will most likely react to mixed gases that include gases specified on our web page or in our catalogue, and may react when other mixed gases are used, as well. We can consider free smaple to test before purchase.

Q7 Can PLAZMARK™ be used for coating or film-forming processes?

A. If the surface of the indicator is covered with formed film or coating, radicals and ions will not be able to reach the color material. Because of this, the color change reaction will be disturbed and PLAZMARK™ will be unable to provide accurate results. However, PLAZMARK™ may be able to be used experimentally for the following:
・Plasma CVD: When checking plasma generated exclusively by carrier gases, in the instance no material gases are used.
・Sputtering: For pre-treatment before the film-forming process (reverse sputtering).
・Vapor deposition: For checking ion guns being used for ion-assisted deposition (IAD). 

Q8 Can PLAZMARK™ be used for ultraviolet-ozone surface cleanings?

A. Since ultraviolet cleanings and ultraviolet-ozone surface cleanings generate a large number of radicals, PLAZMARK™ can be used to detect plasma as long as the radicals are able to reach the indicator. The amount of radicals generated in ultraviolet curing or ultraviolet photo development are limited, however, and because of this PLAZMARK™ will most likely be unable to adequately display changes in color for these usages. We can consider free sample to test before purchase.

Q9 Can PLAZMARK™ be used for corona treatments? 

A. PLAZMARK™ has detection capabilities as long as the radicals generated by the corona treatment are able to reach the indicator.

Q10 Even after the plasma treatment is complete, PLAZMARK™ is not changing color.

A. If the product in use is PLAZMARK™ Heat-resistant Label Type, please make sure that the protection film is off during the plasma treatment. Even when the color change is weak, the color should still be able to be quantified by using the color meter. It is possible that the sensitivity of the given PLAZMARK™ product being used is not matching the plasma treatment. Try increasing the settings for the plasma treatment. Alternatively, if PLAZMARK™ with Middle or Low Sensitivity is being used, please try using High Sensitivity instead.

Q11 After completion of the plasma treatment the color shown by PLAZMARK™ is disappearing?

A. If the color disappears after the plasma treatment, it means that the condition is beyond the measurement range. Try decreasing the treatment settings, and use PLAZMARK™ with a lower sensitivity.

Q12 Can PLAZMARK™ be used under water?

A. PLAZMARK™ is not designed for underwater usage.

Q13 Can PLAZMARK™ be stored for long-term use as a record?

A. PLAZMARK™ Heat-resistant Label Type and PLAZMARK™ Wafer Type are not recommended to be used for long-term preservation as the color results may change inadvertently due to aging. Other PLAZMARK™ products should not change their color results as long as they are stored in a regular office environment where there is no direct sunlight, heat, or humidity; however, this is not guaranteed.

Q14 Can PLAZMARK™ be cut before use? 

A. At the user’s own risk, PLAZMARK™ can be cut before use as long as it is treated carefully. Since the detection area is extremely delicate, there is a risk of dust dispersion or inaccurate color change when it is cut.