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Highest Quality Hobs for ”Ultimate Gear Accuracy“


Hob Cutters

Top market share in Japan and many exports

 Ogasawara is capable for constant supply of the Class-AAA Hobs. Our self-developed CNC-Hob-Grinder enables us to supply Class-AAA constantly for customer's request.


 Our high performance & precision Hob enables you to obtain Ground-Gear accuracy with Dry / High Speed / Hard Hobbing method under optimum operational conditions.


HSS Stock Hob List

High Precision Solid Carbide Hob

List of Fine Pitch Gear Hob / Cutter
Involute hobsCycloid hobs
Spline hobsSerration hobs
Synchronous pulley hobsChain sprocket hobs
Worm wheel hobsSingle position hobs
Micro gear hobsSingle cutters
Rack cuttersBevel gear cutters
Fly cuttersFormed cutters
Other Special Types of Gear HobsOther Special Types of Gear Cutters






Master Gear

An essential standard element for fine pitch gear meshing test

<< Standard Dimensions >>
50 mm outdia x 10 mm bore x 8 mm width
50 mm outdia x 12.7 mm bore x 8 mm width

 << Standard Quality >>
Tooth-to-tooth radial composite deviation 0.0025 mm MAX
Total radial composite deviation 0.0050 mm MAX

 << Production Range >>
Module 0.15 - 1.25 (JIS Class M00: Module 0.4 - 1.5)

Please inquire us for special dimensions or quality!
(such as JIS M00 or M0)