For Desmear Processes

Easily manage the plasma desmear process without time-consuming weight measurements.
This is a label-shaped indicator capable of being affixed for use in plasma desmearing of printed wiring board via hole structures.

It has compatibility with the O2 + CF4 based mixed gases often used in plasma desmear. It can also be used for high-intensity plasma processes involving high output power levels and extensive durations, whereas other products in the PLAZMARK® lineup would exceed the maximum range.

Due to its flexibility, this product can be affixed upon a flexible substrate and transported by roll-to-roll plasma desmear equipment.


high sensitivity type no. 61 (red):
for mild desmear processes

low sensitivity type no. 62 (blue):
for high power desmear processes

Color Change

Parallel-plate RF plasma equipment: O2 + CF gas (mixing ratio 10:1), 25 Pa, 100 W.
* Single-sided FCCL (Flexible Copper Clad Laminate) used, taken as 80 x 80 mm test piece calculated by weight measurement method based on precision balancing.



TypeNo. 61 (red) high sensitivityNo. 62 (blue) low sensitivity
Heat Resistance100 ºC
StructureSubstrate: Composite material obtained by laminating aluminum foil and polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
 Color change part : organic colorants
 Backing film: PET
SizeSubstrate (color change part): 12 mm × 12 mm × 0.2 mm
 Backing film: 90 mm × 161 mm × 0.1mm  |  50 labels/sheet of backing film
Q'ty / Pack200 pcs
Prod. No.PLL0102-61PLL0102-62