World's first technology

No more internal cooling!
Crea Borer is an innovative drill which has world's first technology for deep hole drilling.


  • 20 L/D deep hole drilling (through and blind)
  • no internal cooling required
  • single pass drilling
  • high accuracy


Crea Borer would be the best solution for your deep hole drilling process.

Pumping flute structure

During the process, an unique flute structure works like a pump and it enables coolant to enter into the hole from the outside. It takes the heat out at the machining point and it's taken out together with chips. This heat control cycle is why Crea Borer doesn't require the internal cooling for precise deep hole drilling. And it means Crea Borer enables gun drilling on most of vertical CNC milling machines in your factory.


Chip discharging

(conventinal drill)

tangled chips

(Crea Borer)

tornado chip

Crea Borer creates an unique curly chips continuously during the process. But once the chip reaches a length depending on rpm of Crea Borer, it's automatically cut off by centrifugal force and taken away without giving any damage to the workpiece or tangled around Crea Borer. 

High accuracy

 drillinternal coolingpass
+carbide reamer
4Crea Borernosingle

2: HSS drill + carbide reamer

Ra=0.4751µm, Rz=4.2178µm

4: Crea Borer

Ra=0.0835µm, Rz=1.0556µm




Easy to Use

1. make a pilot hole of 2 L/D (recommended with Crea Starter)

2. approach the pilot hole with lower RPM less than 600rpm and then accererate to the necessary RPM

3. start the boring (you will see tornado chip)

4. when the boring process is comleted, decelerate and pull Crea Borer up.

Other features


113mm × 79mm x 40mm
material: 41CrMo4
d4 through holes (web width 0.25mm)

low cutting force

10L/D through holes by d2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
material: Cf53
fragile workpiece with thickness 2.2mm


Cutting conditions

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