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Easy and effective for CNC machine tools

Just put on the machine window.

Water repellent and stain proof.

Clear view of machining point.

Protects the window from damage.

Available for a wide range of situations

Material of window: acrylic resin, polycarbonate and glass

Machine: CNC lathe, machining center, cleaning machine etc.

Coolant type: both water-soluble and oil

3 Typen für Ihre Maschinen

▷ Left: Standard

▷ Center: Strong

▷ Right: Dry

* Blue is the color of the film removed at installation. All 3 models are colorless.


high vv


glass  v

* Our sample set is recommended for your first try

Product size

Standard size
3 types297mm x 200mm
Sample set
Stanrdard150mm x 100mm
Strong145mm x 95mm
Dry140mm x 90mm
Special size
3 typeson request

Image videos

How to stick

00:00 standard / strong 
01:39 dry


water repellent