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Spring Feeder (PR/SPR Series)

Our parts feeder specialized for coil springs can disentangle and orientate any coil springs without stopping your automatic assembly line due to errors of spring feeding. Even small coil springs of 0.5 x 2 mm are now possible to feed correctly by using 3 unique steps. Our patented technology can also automatically remove "overlapping springs" which has always been difficult to handle in automation. 

We can disentangle, separate and orientate all conditions of coil springs.

well separated



Step 1: Drop Zone

The first step is named “Drop Zone”. All springs coming here are struck against a wall by compressed air. Its impact disentangles most of the springs into small masses or single springs which are ready to go to the next step. If not, they are dropped into the bottom of the bowl.

Step 2: Line Zone

In the second step “Line Zone”, a custom-designed guideway allows only aligned springs to go to the next step. It doesn’t allow springs of incorrect dimensions to pass. Most of the problematic springs can be separated at this step.

Step 3: Gate Zone

The final step “Gate Zone” is a patented process. Even after Line Zone, some overlapping springs with the same diameter like single springs are reaching the outlet. The unique Gate Zone sensor detects such overlapping springs and removes them by compressed air so they are dropped into the bottom of the bowl again.